See how our Felt Animal Slippers are Made!

When I was in Nepal last week, I made a short video of our Felt Slippers being made during my visit to the workshop.  Lots of people have asked to see it, so here it is!

Video of felt animal slippers being made by hand

As you can see, each process is done individually by hand, first washing and working the coloured wool with soap and water and shaping it over wooden shoe sizers.  The excess pieces are cuts off before being left to dry in the sunshine.

Our designs are developed collaboratively with workshop owner, Ramji Adhikari, and myself.  You can view the full range of children and adult slippers in our online shop, here:  Little Beach Boutique


Felt Animal SLippers
Felt Cow Slippers, part of our gorgeous collection of felt for adult and children at Little Beach Boutique